Make a Stand for Your LI-6400/XT

Printable PDF: Make a Stand for Your LI-6400/XT

Tech tip for creating a stand for the LI-6400XT.

Attendees of LI-6400XT training in Lincoln often request the dimensions of the angled instrument stands we use. While we suggest that customers make their own stands to match their particular height and usage requirements, we’re happy to provide the basic dimensions of our stands as a starting point. If you’d like to build your own angled stand, we recommend using solid wood or acrylic as well as lining the V-shaped console rest with a material such as adhesive-backed felt to reduce wear on the console and the stand. The stand can be built with or without the solid back rest and can be designed to be permanent or to be disassembled. Because of the variety of construction options, we do not have detailed instructions for constructing these stands, but we know our customers are extremely creative people. The basic dimensions for the stands we use at LI-COR are shown below, as well as some photos of completed stands.

Figure 1‑1. Dimensions of the LI-6400/XT stand materials.
Figure 1‑2. Front view of the completed stand.
Figure 1‑3. Top view of the completed stand.