LI-6400/XT Shipping Recommendations

Printable PDF: LI-6400/XT Shipping Recommendations

Instructions for packing the LI-6400XT for shipping.

LI-COR has some recommendations for packaging the LI-6400 or LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System for shipping. While there are no foolproof techniques to completely prevent any damage, there are some steps that can be taken to reduce the chances of damage.

Utilizing the gray suitcase with foam insert and the double-walled cardboard box are two of the most important steps to take. While there is some room for variation depending on which components are being shipped, the basic layout remains the same. To successfully pack the instrument into the case, refer to the picture below for component placement.

Figure 1‑1. LI-6400XT shown packed in the case.

Additional Steps

  1. Console
    • The red rubber cap (or similar) should be in place over the Inlet Port (on the side of the console) to prevent plugging the inlet with foam from the case. This can lead to a potentially costly repair if the foam is later sucked into the pump.
    • Legs should be placed near the hinge, which places the digital board further away from the hinge and away from potential jarring.
    • The console can be wrapped in a plastic bag to protect against dust and moisture (not shown).
    • Chemical scrub tubes can be shipped attached to the console.
  2. Chamber Head
    • Open the chamber slightly using the tension adjustment screw. This relieves compression of the gaskets.
    • Secure the chamber in place by placing zip-tie (or similar) around the handle (shown).
    • Use additional packing around the head to keep vibrations and movement to a minimum (not shown).
  3. The CO2 regulator should not be shipped with a cartridge installed.
  4. Batteries should be shipped in vertical position to prevent sliding between the upper and lower case halves.
    • They are NOT needed for service returns to LI-COR.
    • Additional batteries can be shipped in the console itself.
    • The AC power supply can be shipped in the same position as the batteries.
  5. The fluorometer should be protected with additional packing material (not shown).
  6. The cable bundle should be carefully coiled and placed into the case with the connections facing down. This will make closing the case easier.
  7. Place any papers or documents on top of the console.
  8. Include the sender’s name and address inside too, in case outer shipping documents become lost.
  9. Close the case and secure with the clamping latches.
  10. Place into cardboard box and secure box with adequate shipping tape.
  11. If a double-walled cardboard box is not available, you can send the instrument in the case alone. Thread a small zip-tie through the clamping latches. Insert one end through one hole on the latch, slide it underneath the latch, and then slide it through the other hole on the latch. Secure the zip-tie and snip off most of the excess material of the zip-tie, leaving about a 1/2 inch stub. Affix the shipping document to the side of the gray suitcase.

Please contact LI-COR if you have any questions about shipping the LI-6400/XT Portable Photosynthesis System.