LI-6400/XT ‘Swap Meet’

Printable PDF: LI-6400/XT ‘Swap Meet’

Tips for swapping head for the LI-6400/XT.

The LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System is composed of a sensor head, cable bundle, and console. On the sensor head, multiple leaf chambers can be attached to provide application flexibility. We are often asked which system components can be interchanged. In basic terms, components that have the same serial number must be used together. Components that have different serial numbers, or no serial number, can generally be interchanged with proper software programming.

This means that you can use any instrument’s cable bundle, chemical columns, external CO2 source assembly, batteries, AC adapter, leaf or soil chambers, quantum sensor, and light sources. However, the sensor head and the console (which have the same serial number) must be used together because they have electronic components that are matched to each other. If different sensor heads and consoles are mixed, the components do not match and readings will be incorrect.

To find an instrument’s serial number, look behind the chemical columns on the side of the console or underneath the tripod mounting bracket on the bottom of the sensor head.