‘Drieing’ Your Drierite the ‘Rite’ Way For the LI-6400/XT Portable Photosynthesis System

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Document that describes how to dry the drierite.

Indicating Drierite® provides water scrubbing for the LI-6400XT, as well as other LI-COR gas analyzers. As the Drierite takes up water, the color changes from blue to pink, as seen in the photo below.

Figure 1‑1. Left to right: fresh Drierite, exhausted Drierite, regenerated Drierite, exhausted regenerated Drierite.

Drierite can be regenerated after it has been exhausted. Instructions for this process are printed on the back of the Drierite bottles obtained from LI-COR and can also be found on the W.H. Hammond website. It is very important that the instructions be followed in terms of the temperature and time. A lower temperature for a longer time will not be effective and a higher temperature for a shorter time will shorten the lifespan of the Drierite. Drierite should always be stored in a glass bottle to prevent humidity encroachment through plastic. It should be poured back into this bottle while still hot. If allowed to cool to room temperature, it will take up humidity from the air, which will shorten the effective time before it needs to be dried again.

Drierite can be regenerated many times. In testing at LI-COR, we have successfully regenerated a single quantity of Drierite more than fifteen times. As the Drierite is regenerated repeatedly, it will gradually lose color and become more dusty and crumbly. When it is no longer possible to deter- mine from the color change whether the granules are exhausted or regenerated, Drierite should be disposed of according to local and institutional environmental health and safety guidelines.

Figure 1‑2. A cookie sheet and a piece of fine-mesh window screen are helpful in removing excess dust and small particles from the larger granules of Drierite. Make sure to dispose of the dust and small particles according to local and institutional environmental health and safety guidelines.

With the proper care and regeneration, your Drierite will keep your air stream ‘drie’ the ‘rite’ way.