Control dictionary map

The table below shows the control that can be set via SETCONTROL

Type Group Name Description
Auxiliary Analog AuxPwr Voltage for the auxiliary power port in head
Dac1 D/A #1 (pin 2) setting
Dac2 D/A #2 (pin 3) setting
Dac3 D/A #3 (pin 4) setting
Dac4 D/A #4 (pin 5) setting
Digital ADC1Pullup ADC Channel 1 pullup (pin 21)
Dio1 Digital I/O port 1 (pin 6)
Dio2 Digital I/O port 2 (pin 7).
Dio3 Digital I/O port 3 (pin 8).
Dio4 Digital I/O port 4 (pin 9).
Dio5 Digital I/O port 5 (pin 10).
Dio6 Digital I/O port 6 (pin 11).
Dio7 Digital I/O port 7 (pin 12).
Dio8 Digital I/O port 8 (pin 13).
Excite5 5V Excitation (pin 25).
Power12 12V Power (pin 23).
Power5 5V Power (pin 14).
Constants Fluorometry FLR:Adark Dark photosynthetic rate
FLR:Fm Value of dark adapted Fm
FLR:Fo Value of dark adapted Fo
FLR:PS2/1 Photosystem distribution factor
Gas Exchange Const:Geometry Leaf type
Const:Custom 1-sided BLC for custom
Const:K Stomatal ratio
Const:S Leaf area
Leaf Temp LTConst:deltaTw Wall temperature difference from air temp (for energy balance)
LTConst:fT1 Fractional contribution of leaf thermocouple T1
LTConst:fT2 fractional contribution of leaf thermocouple T2
LTConst:fTeb Fractional contribution of leaf energy balance
Soil Soil:#Reps Soil measurement rep count per measurement
Soil:CircPump_% Circulation pump speed
Soil:Duration Soil measurement duration
System SysConst:AvgTime System average time
SysConst:Oxygen Oxygen concentration
User Defined User:myfirst  
Env Controls CO2 CO2 On/Off CO2 Controller on/off
CO2_% CO2 injector setting (0-100)
CO2_r Reference CO2 control setpoint
CO2_s Sample CO2 control setpoint
Color Color_All Color specifier for all sensors
Color_Con Color specifier for light source attached to console
Color_Flr Color specifier for fluorometer
Color_Head Color specifier for light source attached to head
Color_Qin Color specifier for all sensors contributing to the leaf
Fan Fan On/Off Fan Controller on/off
Fan_% Fan speed power (0=off, 100=full)
Fan_blc Boundary layer conductance setpoint (controlled by fan speed)
Fan_rpm Fan speed setpoint
Flow Flow Flow rate to chamber
Flow On/Off Flow Controller on/off
Flow_% Flow split setting (% to leaf chamber)
Pump Pump speed setting
H2O Desiccant_% Direct control of desiccant tube (0=bypass, 100=full scrub)
H2O_On/Off H2O Controller on/off
H2O_% Direct H2O control from full dry (-100) to full humidity (100)
H2O_r H2O Reference setpoint
H2O_s H2O Sample setpoint
Humidifier-% Direct control of humidifier tube (0=bypass, 100=full wetting)
RH_air Chamber relative humidity setpoint
SD_air Saturation Deficit (air) setpoint
VPD_leaf Vapor Pressure Deficit (leaf) setpoint
Light Q_All All light source(s) setpoint
Q_Console Light source attached to console setpoint
Q_Flr Fluorometer actinic setpoint
Q_Head Light source attached to head setpoint
Qin Light incident on leaf setpoint
Pressure Pressure Chamber over-pressure pressure setpoint
Pressure_On/Off Pressure Controller on/off
Pressure_% Chamber over-pressure control setting
Temp Tair Chamber air temperature setpoint
Temp_On/Off Temp Controller on/off
Tleaf Leaf temperature setpoint
Txchg Heat exchanger setpoint
Flr Settings Dark DARK:After Far red off time after actinic off
DARK:Before Turn far red on time prior to actinic off
DARK:Duration Dark pulse duration
DARK:FarRed target Dark pulse far red target
Induction IND:Duration Induction flash duration
IND:Red target Induction flash red target
MPF MPF:Phase 1 MPF phase 1 duration
MPF:Phase 2 MPF phase 2 duration
MPF:Phase 3 MPF phase 3 duration
MPF:Ramp MPF ramp control
MPF:Red target MPF red target value
Measure Meas:AverageTime Averaging time for Fs and Fs’
Meas:DarkModRate Modulation rate for dark measurements
Meas:FlashModRate Modulation rate during flash events
Meas:LightModRate Modulation rate for light measurements
Meas:Modulation Modulation control:
Meas:Recording Turn flr recording on/off
RF RF:Duration Rectangular flash duration
RF:Red target Rectangular flash red target value
Log Options Flr FlrOpt:Action Fluorometer Action at Log
FlrOpt:Auto Threshold for Automatic MPF
FlrOpt:FlashType Fluorometer Flash Type
FlrOpt:MinFlash Minimum flash interval
Match MchOpt:CO2Change Match if CO2_r changed >
MchOpt:CO2Delta Match if |CO2_r - CO2_s| <
MchOpt:Choice Match when logging?
MchOpt:Elapsed Match if elapsed time by
MchOpt:H2ODelta Match if |H2O_r - H2O_s| <
MchOpt:H2OChange Match if H2O_r changed >
Std LogOps:MakeExcel Also create Excel log file
LogOpts:AvgTime Additional averaging time
LogOpts:Beep Beep on log
Misc Match Mode Mch:AvgTime Auto match stats averaging time
Mch:CO2 limit CO2 delta rate of change green light threshold
Mch:H2O limit H2O delta rate of change green light threshold
Mch:Mode Match mode action
Mch:Timeout Auto mode timeout time
Power Settings PowerState Sleep/Standby mode control