Connecting the head cable

The cable and tube bundle connects the console and head. The cable is symmetric—either end of the cable can connect to either the console or head.

Caution: Do not connect or disconnect the head cable while the instrument is powered on. Doing can cause damage to the internal circuitry, leading to costly repairs. Save money and your reputation: Always power off the console when installing or removing the head cable.

One end of the cable connects to either the HEAD (1) or HEAD (2) connector (either one is suitable). The other end connects to the connector on the head. Be sure that the red dot on the cable connector faces up, then press the cable into the connector.

The tube connects to the air outlet labeled AIR OUT on the console and the connector on the head. To remove the cable or tube, grasp the collar and pull straight out.

Figure 2‑3. Cable and air supply connections on the head and console. Red dots face up.