Intake air filter

There is one intake air filter in the console. It should be replaced about once per year if the instrument has been used regularly. If the instrument is unable to achieve the set flow rate, the filter might be clogged. To replace the intake air filter:

  1. Remove both the humidifier and soda lime columns.
  2. Remove the filter.
  3. Turn the intake air filter cap ¼ turn counter clockwise and pull it out. The filter and cap will come out together.
  4. The cover for the console air filter is located on the back of the console.
  5. Separate the filter from the cap.
  6. The filter is disposable. Throw it away if it is clogged.
  7. Inspect the O-rings in the cap and the console for cracks or damage.
  8. Replace them if you see damage. They are captive and should not come out unless you pry them out with a toothpick. To remove the console O-ring set the console on its front. Dislodge the O-ring with a toothpick. Be extremely careful so that you do not scratch the manifold or drop debris into it. Press the new O-ring into the manifold.
  9. Install a new filter (part number 9968-211).
  10. Do the leak test.