Updating the software

Software updates will be released periodically that fix bugs and add new features1. Update packages may include firmware for the head, console, fluorometer, and the soil chamber. Update packages will be available from licor.com/env/support/LI-6800/software.html.

Caution: Do not attempt the update with a computer that is using a wireless connection. Do the update from a computer that is directly connected with an Ethernet cable to the instrument or the network. The update requires a computer running Windows 7 or newer or macOS.

After you've downloaded the software package to your computer:

  1. Install the updater to your computer.
  2. It is called li6800-updater-2.0.x.exe (Windows) or li6800-updater-2.0.x.app.zip (macOS).
  3. Connect the LI-6800 to your local network or your computer using the RJ-45 network cable.
  4. Power on the LI-6800.
  5. Be sure that the instrument has fully charged batteries or is powered from the AC power adapter so that the instrument will not power off while the update is underway.
  6. Launch the updater application.
  7. You'll see a list of all LI-6800 consoles on your network.
  8. Note: If you cannot see your LI-6800 in the list, make sure you can ping your console’s serial number (68C-xxxxxx) in Command Prompt (Windows) or Terminal (macOS) and get a reply. If not, make sure your console is properly connected to either your computer or network switch. If you do get a response from the instrument, check if Bonjour services are running on your operating system. If Bonjour services are disabled or stopped, start them back up.
  9. Select the console (68C-xxxxxx; LI-6860) and click Update LI-6800.
  10. The updater will display the instrument and attached components that will be updated.
  11. Click Update to proceed.
  12. Be sure that your computer doesn't go to sleep while the update is underway. The updater will install the software on each component and notify you when it is done.

Note: You do not need to fully attach the soil chamber to update its firmware. Instead, you just need to connect the data cable between the chamber and the LS connector on the head.