Preparation for shipping

When you need to ship the LI-6800, we recommend that you observe the following tips:

  • Empty the chemical columns.
  • This will reduce shipping weight and strain on the console; and ensure that water from the humidifier column does not enter the console.
  • Remove the humidifier column and store it in the case.
  • This can provide additional protection against water leaks.
  • Remove the CO2 cartridge from the holder.
  • Do this even if it is empty. If you remove a charged cartridge, it will be noisy when the gas vents.
  • Leave the chamber parked.
  • This will prevent the leaf chamber gaskets from becoming compressed.
  • Console in the case.
  • Disconnect the cables and tube. The scrub tubes should be toward the back of the case and handle folded down.
  • Head placed in the case.
  • Disconnect the head cable and tube. The chamber can stay attached to the head.
  • Secure the case latches.
  • Use a secondary closure method to ensure that the case stays closed. For example, use zip ties to secure the lid.

Shipping to LI-COR?

In addition to everything mentioned in Preparation for shipping, be sure to:

  • Contact us for an RMA (Return Materials Authorization) number so we know to expect your instrument.
    • Phone: 402-467-3576
    • In the U.S and Canada: 800-447-3576
    • Email:
    • Or contact your local representative.
  • Be sure to include the console, the head, the head cable, and any components that need a calibration, such as light sources and the light sensor.
  • Don't bother sending batteries, other cables, power supplies, battery chargers, or extra chambers unless you want us to examine them.
  • Back up your data.
  • We do not save a copy of the data before we start working on the instrument, nor do we delete files from a customer’s instrument. But if you send us a console with priceless data stored on it and nowhere else, then you may be in for some abnormally bad luck. So please, send us only files you can afford to lose.