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Here you'll find software for the LI-7000, including embedded software for the instrument and interface software for controlling the instrument.

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**CURRENT VERSION** LI-7000 Embedded (Instrument) Software v2.0.4 for 400 MHz digital board


**Current Version** Instrument (Embedded) Software for the LI-7000 CO2/H2O Analyzer with 400 MHz Digital Board.

LI-7000 Embedded (Instrument) Software v1.0.22


Embedded Software for the LI-7000 Gas Analyzer with 40 MHz Digital Board (serial numbers IRG4-469 and below).


**CURRENT VERSION** LI-7000 Windows Software v2.0.3


**Current Version** Windows Interface Software for LI-7000 Analyzers with 400 MHz digital board.

LI-7000 Windows Software v1.0.1


Early Version Windows Interface Software for use with LI-7000 Analyzers with 40 MHz digital board (serial numbers IRG4-469 and below).

LI-7000 Computational Software


Emulates software computations of CO2 and H2O in the LI-7000. Allows users to change out different variables (such as pressure, temperature, coefficients, etc.) to see how they affect the computations.