9972-032 Extension Cable

Printable PDF: 9972-032 Extension Cable

Instructions for LI-7200 and LI-7200/RS head extension cable.

The 9972-032 Extension Cable is a 5 meter cable used to extend the distance between the LI-7200RS sensor head and LI-7550 Analyzer Interface Unit. The 9972-032 connects to the 392-09806 Sensor Head Control Cable (included with the LI-7200RS) to provide a total cable length of 10 meters.

Note the connectors below on the Sensor Head Control Cable. One end of the clear urethane tubing in the cable bundle is terminated with a metal fitting that connects to the PRESSURE fitting on the LI-7550 connector panel. The opposite end of the urethane tubing has no connector, and slides over the brass fitting between the IN and OUT ports on the LI-7200RS sensor head.

When attaching the 9972-032 Extension Cable to the Sensor Head Control Cable, the metal fitting on the small pressure tube in the Control Cable bundle is removed. The hose barb on one end of the urethane tubing in the Extension Cable bundle is then inserted into the cut end of the tubing, as shown below.