The company names, addresses, and phone numbers are the most current we have at the time of this printing. In some cases the information may change without notice.

Chemical sources

Material LI-COR Part Number
Ascarite II, 500 g 9970-022
Magnesium Perchlorate, 2 kg 9960-078
Fisher Scientific
VWR Scientific Products
Thomas Scientific
GFS Chemicals, Inc.
P.W. Perkins Co., Inc.
LI-COR, Inc.

Internal chemical bottle kit

The internal scrubbing bottles for the gas analyzer can be purchased in a pre-charged kit that is ready to use. The bottles contain magnesium perchlorate and Ascarite II. The kit can be ordered under part number 7200-950, and contains two small bottles.


Turck, Inc.

3000 Campus Drive

Minneapolis, MN 55441

Phone: 612-553-7300

Table D‑1. Turck® cables used to connect to the LI-7500A/RS or LI-7200/RS.
LI-COR Part Number Cable Cable Connector Turck Part Number
392-09807 (LI-7200 only) 10-pin head cable 10-pin right angle male-female RKS-10T-5-WSS 10T
392-10094 Power 4-pin female RK4.41T-*/S529
392-10093 SDM Interface 4-pin male RSS 4.4T-*
392-10268 Serial 6-pin female to DB-9 female RKC 6T-*-DB9F/CS12317
392-10109 Analog In/Out 12-pin male RSS 12T-*
392-10108 Ethernet 8-pin male-male RSS RSS841-*M
392-10107 Ethernet Adapter 8-pin female to RJ45 RKC RJ45 840-*M

* = cable length in meters; head cables cannot exceed 10 meters.

OCP Group Inc

7130 Engineer Rd

San Diego, CA 92111

Phone: 858-279-7400

LI-COR Part Number Cable Cable Connector OCP Part Number
392-13984 19-pin head cable 19-pin male to female Specify LI-COR 392-13984 and the length you prefer

Industrial Rated USB Flash Drives

16 GB industrial grade drives are available directly from LI-COR. Contact us for more information. LI-COR Part Number: 616-10723.

NOTE: The USB flash drive listed below has been tested by LI-COR; if you want to use other drives in the LI-7550, please contact LI-COR for more information.

APRO Co., Ltd.

APRO Part Number: WMUFD016G-ACCMC/3C