USB Flash Drive For Logging Eddy Covariance Datasets

Printable PDF: USB Flash Drive For Logging Eddy Covariance Datasets

Instructions for selecting a USB Flash Drive for LI-COR EC systems.

The LI-7550 Analyzer Control Unit, SmartFlux 2 System, and SmartFlux 3 System log data to a USB flash drive through a USB port. The USB drive provided with the instrument is a rugged industrial-rated drive. So, what does that mean? What is the difference between consumer grade and industrial grade flash drives?

In short, industrial grade drives are tested over a broad range of environmental conditions. At a minimum this includes testing to ensure performance over a wider temperature range than a consumer grade drive. For an industrial drive the temperature specification may be from -40 to +85 °C, while a consumer drive is typically 0 to +70 °C. Industrial drives may also be tested for vibration and shock resistance, which consumer drives are not tested for.

In a field-deployable instruments like the LI-7550 and SmartFlux 2 and 3 Systems, using an industrial rated drive ensures that no matter how hot or cold it gets, your instrument will continue recording data.

But… not all industrial drives are created equally. Drives are available with different types of memory, read/write speeds, power requirements, custom data encryption, and many other specifications. These variables, and others, mean that some drives are not compatible with the LI-7550 or SmartFlux 2 or 3 Systems.

Therefore, we recommend that you only use the USB drive that was included with your instrument or one that you purchased directly from LI-COR. The 16 GB USB drive is available as part number 616-10723.