Software change log

The following table gives software changes to both embedded and Windows interface software. Compatible versions of embedded and interface software are given in the same row. An update is indicated by the date.

Windows v1.0.9 (released January, 2022; current version)

Embedded v1.0.29 Windows v1.0.9 Updated!
  • Revised finder app configuration to add a service so that finder can locate LI-7750 units.

Windows v1.0.8 (released May, 2021)

Embedded v1.0.29 Windows v1.0.8
  • Added diagnostic block value to the diagnostics screen and also allowed it to be charted.

Embedded v1.0.29 (released June, 2019)

Embedded v1.0.29 Windows v1.0.5
  • Bug fixes to simplify production.

Embedded v1.0.27 (released December, 2018)

Embedded v1.0.27 Windows v1.0.5
  • Expanded a buffer in the DSP to prevent phase changes in the DSP data caused when the buffer filled up. This fixes the synchronization loss and resultant data loss between the LI-7550 and LI-7700.

Embedded v1.0.26 (released May, 2018)

Embedded v1.0.26 Windows v1.0.5
  • Removed Drop Threshold from DSP code to prevent clocks from becoming unsynchronized when RSSI drops below 0.
  • Reworked DATACLOCKSYNC to output more useful stats.
  • Added power limit to bottom mirror that reduces the maximum power that can be applied to the mirror as air temperature rises.
  • Turn the mirror position motor on for 3 seconds every 1/2 hour to re-position back to the factory calibrated position.
  • Fixed temperature threshold calculation that determines when it's too cold to use the wash pump.

Embedded v1.0.23 (released June, 2014)

Embedded v1.0.23 Windows v1.0.5
  • Updated u-boot to version 9 to fix memory timing problem.

Embedded v1.0.22 (released February , 2014)

Embedded v1.0.22 Windows v1.0.5
  • Fixed bug where SDM address wasn't saved to permanent storage causing it to revert to an old value on reboot.

Embedded v1.0.21 (released October, 2013)

Embedded v1.0.21 Windows v1.0.5
  • Updated DSP code to fix DSP start-up laser temperature bug.

Embedded v1.0.20 (released September, 2013)

Embedded v1.0.20 Windows v1.0.5
  • Updated DSP code.

Embedded v1.0.19 (released August, 2013)

Embedded v1.0.19 Windows v1.0.5
  • Added the ability to spin and wash the mirrors separately. Previously a wash cycle would always spin and wash.
  • Added an automatic wash setting.
  • Added a cold temperature threshold below which the wash pump will not be used.

Windows v1.0.5 (released July, 2011)

Embedded v1.0.0 Windows v1.0.5
  • Corrected caption on the Analog Inputs Page to account for the fact that the implementation for the steinhart model had been changed on the embedded side, but I had not been notified.
  • Corrected an issue which occurs when the user installs the application and they are not an admin-level user. In that scenario, the ini working directory is not correctly built, and thus the program generates an error.
  • Added a simple check to have the program build the directory if it does not already exist.
  • Revised the user of the HOMEPATH environment variable to use USERPROFILE instead.
  • Added Pump Control panel to Self-Maintenance Form.
  • Revised behavior on PC Log File path name.

Windows v1.0.4 (released February, 2011)

Embedded v1.0.0 Windows v1.0.4
  • Adjusted ini files to reside in HOMEPATH vs APPDATA to be consistent with LI-7200 deployment.
  • Also adjusted Start Menu location to be the same as the LI-7200 for further consistency.

Windows v1.0.3 (released January, 2011)

Embedded v1.0.0 Windows v1.0.3
  • Disable the USB control window completely if a GHG box is mated to a 7700 head.

Windows v1.0.2 (released April, 2010)

Embedded v1.0.0 Windows v1.0.2
  • Corrected a minor flaw in the logging section. Checksum value was not padded with leading spaces to maintain a 3 character wide column. This was causing problems for file viewer application. Said flaw has now been corrected.
  • Added tab to the checksum line. Was not including it in checksum computation.
  • Removed some additional serial port commands in the completeSuccessfulConnection routine. They appeared to have the opposite effect, likely as they were overwhelming the port and causing the instrument to NOT send out the desired messages instead of commanding it to do that.
  • Altered RS-232 connect string to turn on dataclock through the box.
  • Added a string to turn dataclock off when disconnecting via RS-232.
  • Stripped out the IndyIP component and used an augmented version data exchange in order to correctly deal with a shortcoming in Windows XP Adjusted --Device Not Present-- to --USB Device Not Present-- on USB Logging screen.
  • Modified behavior on logging panel on main form to make buttons disappear and title to say Logging (LI-7550 Not Present), when the LI-7550 is not present.
  • Increased the timeouts on the SocketCom objects from 1 second to 15 seconds. Eliminated a disconnect error that was happening when the instrument would take longer than 1 second to respond.
  • Name of LI-7550 will now appear on the USB Logging Configuration form to the left of the logging buttons.
  • Name of LI-7550 will now appear in the caption of the configure LI-7550 Outputs Form.
  • Name of LI-7550 will now appear on the hint of the ConfigureBoxOutputsBtn.

Windows v1.0.1 (March, 2010)

Embedded v1.0.0 Windows v1.0.1
  • Added logic to primary monitor loop to detect when the USB key has been ejected from the box by a button push on the box, and to unlock the USB control panels in that case.

Windows and embedded v1.0.0 (released, 2010)

Embedded v1.0.0 Windows v1.0.0
  • Initial release