Using a Serial-to-USB Adapter with the LI-8100

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Many computers lack a standard RS-232 connection, including many newer laptop computers. In order to facilitate data transfer between the LI-8100 Automated Soil CO2 Flux System and a computer without a serial connection, LI-COR provides a Serial-to-USB Adapter (p/n 6400-27). Please note that this does not convert the RS-232 serial connection into a USB connection. It simply allows the USB port to receive data via a standard RS-232 serial connection.

To install and use the Serial-to-USB Adapter:

  1. Connect the LI-COR standard RS-232 cable (p/n 9975-016) to the serial connector on the adapter, as shown below.
  2. Plug the USB end of the adapter into a USB port on the host computer, and the RS-232 cable into the LI-8100. Power the LI-8100 on. The first time that you connect the LI-8100 to the computer using this adapter you may see a Found New Hardware message:

In most cases the Windows® operating system will automatically install a generic driver and you will see the following message:

In order to connect to the LI-8100 you will need to know the serial (COM) port designation that your computer has assigned to the Serial-to-USB adapter.

Open the Device Manager (press the Windows key , type in Device Manager, then press Enter). Then click Ports (COM & LPT). Look for USB Serial Port (COM#). Your serial port number is indicated by the number.

Make a note of the number.

To connect to the LI-8100 using the software:

  1. In the LI-8100 PC Software, click on the Connect button in the toolbar.
  2. Choose the COM port that your computer has assigned to the Serial-to-USB Adapter. In our example above it is COM6.
  3. Click Connect.
  4. The LI-8100 can now send data via the RS-232 port to the computer in its normal manner.