How to Safely Carry the 6000-09TC Soil Temperature Probe

Printable PDF: How to Safely Carry the 6000-09TC Soil Temperature Probe


Instructions for carrying the soil temperature probe.

The LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit (ACU) and survey chamber(s) are often used in conjunction with ancillary probes for soil moisture and temperature measurements. LI-COR recently replaced the 8100-201 Soil Temperature Probe with the more robust 6000-09TC Soil Temperature Probe. The 6000-09TC has a nearly 6” long metal probe that is slightly shorter than the previous 8100-201.

Because the 6000-09TC is shorter than the 8100-201, the holes on the back of the LI-8100A case are now incapable of safely storing your temperature probe, which can create hazards associated with carrying the probe through thick brush or grasses. Therefore, we have come up with a quick and simple modification.

Using only a small square of foam and a few short sections of Velcro, the LI-8100A case can safely store and protect the temperature probe from causing accidental harm (Figure 1). If the temperature probe cord is getting in the way, try sticking a 3M type Command Outdoor Hook to the front of the LI-8100A case to keep the cord out of the way when not in use.

Note: The more rigid the foam, the more durable and sturdy it will be; other options such as adhesives may also work instead of Velcro. It is a good idea, however, to test on a scrap piece of foam first, as some adhesives may deteriorate foam.

Figure 1. Attach a piece of rigid foam to the back of the LI-8100A Analyzer Control Unit case. The pointed end of the metal probe can then be inserted through the hole in the case, and into the foam insert.