Tips for using the 8100-104C clear chamber

Below we provide some suggestions that will help you use the clear chamber.

Shading effects

The 8100-104C clear chamber should always be oriented so the LI-COR logo on the base plate faces the equator. This will ensure that most of the shadows cast by the structural elements are projected away from the collar area. Despite this key orientation, the collar and chamber may shade the sample area.

Temporal variations in light intensity inside the collar area will occur due strictly to shading effects. It is important to consider these temporal variations when examining flux data. LI-COR has published a paper that describes the shadow effects when using the 8100-104C Clear Chamber; request Application Note #131.

Measuring photosynthetically active radiation

When using the clear chamber for net carbon exchange (NCE) measurements, you'll want to measure photosynthetically active radiation (PAR) to supplement your measurements. Therefore, an LI‑190 or LI-190R Quantum Sensor, amplifier, and leveling stake is included with the NCE chamber packages.

  • For single-chamber measurements (without the multiplexer), use the 2420-BL amplifier.
  • For multiplexed measurements, use the 2420-BLS amplifier.
Figure 2‑15. The 8100-604 Leveling Stake is used to mount and level the LI‑190 or LI-190R Quantum Sensor for measuring PAR near the 8100-104C Clear Chamber.