Installing the PC Communications Software on Your Computer

Download the software and install it on your computer. The LI-820 requires that your computer have a USB or RS- 232 serial (COM) interface, and the Windows operating system. When the software has finished the installation procedure, a program icon will be placed in the Programs menu.

NOTE: To remove the software, go to the Control Panel and select Add/Remove Programs. Choose LI820 from the list of programs and click the Add/Remove button.

Setting the Communication Parameters

LI-820 communication parameters are set automatically when the program is run.


The serial cable included has 9-pin connectors on both ends; either end plugs into the 9-pin connector (Serial I/O) on the front panel of the LI-820. Use this cable to interface with your computer's 9-pin serial port. If you want to interface to a computer with a 25-pin serial port, a 9-pin to 25-pin adapter must be used.

Using the RS-232-to-USB Adapter

A Serial-to-USB Adapter (part number 6400-27) is included to facilitate data transfer between the LI-820 and computers lacking an RS-232 connector. Note that this does not convert the RS-232 serial connection into a USB connection. It simply allows the USB port to receive data via a standard RS-232 serial connection. Complete instructions for using the adapter are included with the 6400-27.

Data from the LI-820 can be transferred to a computer for analysis, printing or storage using the RS-232 interface. The LI-820 RS-232 port is configured as Data Terminal Equipment (DTE) with no hardware handshaking, and is bi-directional, meaning information can be transferred both into and out of the LI-820.