Software Reference

Charting Window

Select Charting from the View menu to open the Charting window (below). This is the window in which you can set up the parameters for plotting your data.

X-Axis Max

Sets the maximum value for the X-axis (Time). The units for the X-axis can be seconds or minutes.

Y-Axis Max/Min

Sets the maximum and minimum values for the Y axis (CO2).

Press Print Chart to send the current chart to your printer. Press Save Chart to save the chart as a bitmap (.bmp) file.

Press Start at any time to view the chart layout and begin displaying data. Note that you must press Stop to make changes to the chart parameters, and then press Start again to resume data display.

Diagnostics Window

Select Diagnostics from the View menu to open the Diagnostics window (below). This window displays the current LI-820 internal software version number, the input voltage, and raw absorption value.

Logging Data

Start Logging

Opens the Log File Destination dialog, where you enter a file name for the data file. The file extension .txt is added automatically.

Stop Logging

Stops data logging.

Pause Logging

Pauses logging of data until Start is chosen from the Logging menu again, or the Start button on the toolbar is pressed.


Opens the Logging Options window, where you can configure the data output options.

As configured above, the data output would appear similar to that shown below.