Connecting multiple gas analyzers

The LI-8250 Multiplexer can simultaneously connect to both an LI-870 CO2/H2O Analyzer and an LI-78xx Trace Gas Analyzer, or two Trace Gas Analyzers. The power and communications connections are the same as those used in Connecting an LI-870 CO2/H2O Analyzer and Connecting an LI-78xx Trace Gas Analyzer. You will need the T-split tubing (part number 9982-073) to connect the tubing.

Connect the long leg (15 cm) to the respective IN or OUT port on the LI-8250 Multiplexer. Then connect the short legs (8 cm) to the respective ends of the analyzer air in and air out tubing.

Figure 5‑1. If using two gas analyzers, such as an LI-870 and a LI-COR Trace Gas Analyzer, or two trace gas analyzers, connect the tubing as shown using the T-split tubing (part number 9982-073).

The T-split tubing will add 30 cm to the analyzer tubing that must be evenly split between the tubing lengths of both analyzers (add 15 cm to each). Instructions for setting tube volume in the software and establishing communication between the gas analyzers and the LI-8250 are in Configuring the LI-8250 Multiplexer block.