The Diagnostics page provides various details about your long-term system. The page includes two panes: Diagnostics and Log.

The Diagnostics pane gives real-time feedback about the status of the LI-8250 Multiplexer and connected LI-COR devices, such as gas analyzers and long-term chambers. Indicators along the side of each device show you if there are any issues. Expanding the device drop-down will let you see which component is experiencing the issue.

Below each device is an additional Details drop-down. Expanding Details opens a table with more information about the device. The information in this table can be valuable for troubleshooting.

The Log pane allows you to download a system log (.syslog) file of the multiplexer's performance. To download the system log file, use the fields Select Start Date and Time and Select End Date and Time to choose a start and end date. Then click the DOWNLOAD SYSTEM LOG button. This option should be used in consultation with LI-COR Technical Support in order to resolve performance issues.