Long-term chambers

With the use of multiple 8250-01 Extension Manifolds, the LI-8250 Multiplexer can connect with any combination of up to 36 chambers at a time, including the 8200-104 Opaque Long-Term Chamber, the 8200-104C Clear Long-Term Chamber, custom-built chambers, and flasks. For details on how to use a custom chamber, see Integrating a custom chamber. For more about the Flask Sampling Kit (part number 8250-660), see Measuring gas fluxes in a flask system.

Each chamber occupies a single port number on the chamber side panel with an air inlet, air outlet, and power and communication connection. LI-COR long-term chambers can integrate many different kinds of sensors, including the LI-190R Quantum Sensor, the LI-200R Pyranometer, the thermistor, and sensors with an SDI-12 interface, such as the Stevens HydraProbe.