Long-term chamber maintenance

Both the 8200-104 and 8200-104C Long-Term Chambers are designed to require minimal maintenance. Most of the components are modular and are intended to be easily replaced if needed.

Note: Before doing any maintenance or repairs to a long-term chamber first disconnect the PWR/COM cable from the chamber.

Replacing the collar gasket

Around the opening of the chamber base is a black neoprene collar gasket that seals around a soil collar. This gasket should not need to be replaced unless it has become cracked, brittle, or otherwise damaged. Two spare collar gaskets (part number 6581-060) are included in the replacement gasket kit (part number 8100-612) and additional gaskets can be ordered from LI-COR.

Before you disconnect the PWR/COM cable from the chamber, you will first need to move the chamber to its open position. If the open position does not allow you to fully access the gasket, you will need to change the open position. See Changing the open position.

To replace the gasket, loosen the 24 screws around the gasket plate and remove the plate and gasket. Be careful not to lose the screws, but if you do there are spares in the chamber gasket kit. Then line up the new collar gasket with the screw holes on the plate and screw the plate to the chamber base. Torque each screw to 0.45 Newton meters.