Re-enabling Wi-Fi

To re-enable Wi-Fi, connect to the LI-8250 Multiplexer using the instructions in Connecting over Ethernet.

Select the Wi-Fi settings icon and toggle the Status to on. Then click Apply. Leave Channel on the default option (this may be used to troubleshoot connectivity issues if necessary).

Note: You must always Apply after changing Wi-Fi settings. If you navigate to other pages without clicking Apply, your changes will not be saved.

After pressing Apply, your LI-8250 Multiplexer will begin broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal. You can then connect to your LI-8250 from your computer, tablet, or smartphone using the steps in Connecting over Wi-Fi.

Note: Broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal is not permitted in all locations. LI-COR, Inc. cannot be held liable for use of Wi-Fi/WLAN where it is prohibited. If WLAN is restricted in your area, and you are interested in other options for Wi-Fi, please contact LI-COR Technical Support.