LI-840 CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer Instruction Manual

Instruction manual for the LI-840 CO2/H2O Gas Analyzer.

Instructions for using the CalAdjust application

Instructions for using the CalAdjust application in older LI-820s, LI-840s, and LI-8100s. Not for new LI-820s, LI-840As, or LI-8100As.


LI-840 CO2/H2O Analyzer Instrument (Embedded) Software v1.0.15

Instrument (embedded) software v1.0.15 for the LI-840 CO2/H2O Analyzer.

LI-840 CO2/H2O Analyzer Windows Interface Software v1.0.2

Windows interface software v1.0.2 for the LI-840 CO2/H2O Analyzer.

Factory Service and Recalibration

Factory calibration is an integral step in the manufacture and repair of all LI-COR measuring instruments.

About LI-840/A Factory Calibration

To request factory service or recalibration for a LI-COR instrument, request factory service or contact your local distributor. Service will be performed at our US office in Lincoln, NE USA, European office (LI-COR GmbH), or by your local distributor.

Frequently Asked Questions

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