Measurement Range: 0-20,000 ppm

Accuracy: Better than 1.5% of reading

Calibration Drift

Zero Drift: <0.15 ppm/°C

Span Drift: < 0.03 %/°C

Total Drift at 370 ppm: <0.4 ppm/°C

RMS Noise at 370 ppm with 1 sec signal filtering: <1 ppm

Sensitivity to water vapor: < 0.1 ppm CO2/mmol/mol H2O


Measurement Range: 0-60 mmol/mol

Accuracy: Better than 1.5% of reading

Calibration Drift

Drift1 at 0 mmol/mol: <0.005 mmol/mol/°C

Span Drift2 at 10 mmol/mol: <0.006 mmol/mol/°C

Total Drift3 at 10 mmol/mol: <0.016 mmol/mol/°C

RMS Noise at 10 mmol/mol with 1 sec signal filtering: <0.01 mmol/mol

Sensitivity to CO2: <0.0001 mmol/mol H2O/ppm CO2

Measurement Principle: Non-Dispersive Infrared

Traceability: Traceable gases to WMO standards for CO2. NIST traceable LI-610 Portable Dew Point Generator for H2O

Pressure Compensation Range: 15 kPa-115 kPa

Maximum Gas Flow Rate: 1 liter/min

Output Signals: Two analog voltage (0-2.5V or 0-5V) and two current (4-20mA)

Digital: TTL (0-5V) or Open Collector

DAC Resolution: 14-bits across user-specified range

Source Life: ~18,000 Hours

Power Requirements: Input Voltage 12-30 VDC

1.2A @ 12V (14W) maximum during warm-up with heaters on

0.3A @ 12V (3.6W) average after warm-up with heaters on

Operating Temperature Range: –20°C to +45°C

Relative Humidity Range: 0 to 95% RH, Non-Condensing

Dimensions: 8.75" × 6" × 3" (22.23 × 15.25 × 7.62 cm)

Weight: 2.2 lbs (1 kg)

Internal Optical Cell Volume: 14.5 mL