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Using the LI-600 Porometer/Fluorometer and the LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System Together

Learn about the capabilities, differences, and strengths of both the LI-600 and the LI-6800.  Fast track your routines by first screening your plants with the LI-600 then following up with an in-depth analyzing using the LI-6800. Check out...


The importance of direct, automated evapotranspiration measurements to optimize water management practices

Accurate, real-time information about crop conditions can help water managers improve productivity, reduce costs, and use resources more efficiently. This information, however, is hard to gather over large land areas in a relevant timeframe and...


Measuring N2O and Other Trace Gases in Soil and Air Using LI-COR Trace Gas Analyzers

LI-COR Trace Gas Analyzers provide exceptional CO2, CH4, and N2O measurements in laboratory and in field applications.

In this webinar and live Q&A, Dr. Graham Leggett, Senior Scientist, describes the spectroscopic technology...

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