The LI-600, now with leaf angle, GPS, and barcode generator

The same LI-600 that delivers rapid and precise stomatal conductance and chlorophyll a fluorescence measurements now includes a GPS receiver and accelerometer/magnetometer for determining a leaf’s angle of incidence to the sun, the main driver of photosynthetic activity.


In this webinar, Doug Lynch, Senior Scientist in Environmental Research and Development at LI-COR, will introduce these new features and demonstrate, with data from a sample study of diurnal measurements on a cherry tree, how leaf angle is related to PAR over the course of a day.


He will also give an overview of additional new features:

  • The ability to track location and generate maps with GPS coordinates
  • The barcode generator in the LI-600 computer software
  • A streamlined measurement workflow on the instrument


The new barcode generator and updated workflow is also available to users of the first generation of the LI-600.


Join us to learn how these new features add dimension to your stomatal conductance and chlorophyll fluorescent data.

  • Speaker(s):

    • Doug Lynch

      Senior Scientist

      LI-COR Environmental


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