The LEEF Program

The LI-COR Environmental Education Fund (LEEF) is a program that provides students and faculty with research-grade instrumentation packages. These packages provide opportunities to explore and understand the environment in unique, innovative ways. Students can study new fields of science—from plant physiology and horticulture to ecology and environmental studies. With these packages, faculty members can show plant and ecosystem functions in compelling dynamic ways. Get your students excited about science through hands-on research while providing them with resumé-building experience using advanced research tools.

The LEEF program offers packages in five different areas of focus: photosynthesis, eddy covariance, soil flux, gas analysis, and light. Learn about each package and what it offers here.

Grants for each package are also provided through the LEEF program. For more information about grants and how to apply for additional funding, check out the Funding Opportunities page.


The LEEF program supports inquiry-based learning and research-driven projects for all curriculums and interests.

Students can learn how to take real-time measurements to illustrate how real-life processes work. For instance, the CO2 levels inside a photosynthesis system leaf chamber can be adjusted, so students can witness the effects firsthand. Plant photosynthesis, respiration, ecosystem gas flux, and radiant energy flux come to life when students experience how certain parameters affect these processes.

See how faculty and students in the United States have used LEEF packages in their own research on the Case Studies page.


  • Learn to operate scientific equipment and follow a project from start to finish
  • Conduct hands-on research using the most advanced instrumentation available
  • Develop critical thinking, problem identification, and time management skills
  • Gain an advantage when applying for employment or graduate school


  • Integrate ongoing research with teaching
  • Interact with students using instruments in the classroom and in the field
  • Use LI-COR software for enhanced teaching
  • Explain complex processes more easily


  • Students are better prepared to enter graduate level studies
  • Enhances student/faculty interaction
  • Instrumentation helps with faculty and curriculum development
  • Classroom scientific research improves recognition and recruitment

Use LEEF packages to benefit your students' education and research.

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