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FluxSuite® Software is a secure web service that provides real-time results and status information from your eddy covariance site.

With FluxSuite Software, you can view data from multiple sites at any time and set up email notification preferences to send a message when an instrument triggers an alert.

If you manage multiple stations that are geographically dispersed, you can give collaborators different levels of access to each site, Each collaborator will then only see their sites, while you can see all the sites.

FluxSuite is scalable so you can add as many stations as you want, and you can view data from multiple sensors at each eddy covariance station. You can assign ten or more collaborators to your flux stations, making it easy to address any issues at a site.

View summary reports online or download them to your computer when you want to perform an in-depth review of results from a site.

  • Online results

    View real-time fluxes from your eddy covariance sites on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

  • Flux quality indicators

    See how your systems are performing with data quality indicators.

  • Email alerts

    Receive email notifications any time there is an issue, so you can go to the site prepared to solve the problem.

  • Take action

    Plan trips to your sites whenever needed, and avoid making unnecessary visits.

  • Scale up

    Keep track of multiple flux towers at once.

  • Collaborate

    Assign collaborators, technicians, and students different roles at your eddy covariance sites.

Put your eddy covariance site online to receive alerts and view graphical data anywhere, any time, on any device.

The following guided tour videos will demonstrate many of the useful features of FluxSuite Software.

A new web-based tool for next-generation flux stations

Significant increases in data generation and computing power in recent years have greatly improved spatial and temporal flux data coverage, from a single station to continental flux networks. With more stations, larger data flows and smaller operating budgets, modern tools are needed to efficiently handle the entire process. Cross-sharing the stations with external institutions may also be employed to leverage available funding, increase scientific collaboration, and promote data analyses and publications. FluxSuite® Software, a new advanced tool combining hardware, software, and web-based services, was developed to address these specific demands. This presentation provides details and examples of the FluxSuite Software, which is currently utilized in multiple locations around the globe.

Simple, flexible subscription plans to accommodate your needs

Available as one, two, or three-year subscriptions.

Licenses for additional sites are available at significant discounts.

What's included

  • Register up to 10 users with customized access for each—from viewing rights only to full access.
  • Email alerts for nearly any variable, with fully customizable thresholds.
  • Live status information for instruments at your site.
  • Fully processed eddy covariance results online.
  • Station map view with status information provided directly on the map.
  • Station notebook to record notes for all users to see.
  • Technical support - contact LI-COR or your local representative.

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