Instrument Software

  • Intuitive, menu-driven interface.
  • Console can display GPS coordinates, leaf area index, standard error LAI, apparent clumping factor, mean tilt angle, standard error MTA, diffuse non-interceptance, sample size, and more.
  • Basic data processing features are available directly on the console. Advanced data processing and graphing is performed on a computer using the File Viewer 2200 software.
Console Software Screen

Advanced Processing with the LAI-2200 File Viewer (FV2200)

  • Scattering corrections account for foliage reflectance and transmission.
  • Integrated GPS allows LAI mapping with KML files.
  • Emulates the functions available on the console.
  • Can recompute LAI with alternative settings, such as different transmittance models and view angles (rings). Masking one or more rings can be useful for small plots.
  • Provides advanced options to re-compute LAI for canopies with complex and non-uniform shapes. This makes it possible to evaluate row crops, grape vines, and hedges with irregular profiles, as well as asymmetric individual plants.
  • Single or multiple charts can be added to the main view.

Click the following link to download FV2200, instrument (embedded) software, and USB drivers.

Software Screen


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