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The standard for light measurements

Redesigned light sensors optimized for ecological, meteorological, solar energy, plant research, and underwater measurements.

A new design that builds on our 40+ years of experience producing light sensors.
Learn more about the science and engineering behind the new sensors.

Water shedding design Interchangeable heads Detachable base Multiple output signals

Featured Application: Light Measurement in Greenhouses and Growth Chambers

Capture and log light intensity and spectral composition measurements for maximizing production and energy efficiency in your greenhouse with the LI-250Q PAR Package, LI-1500 DLI Package, and LI-180 Spectrometer.

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LI-191R Quantum Line Sensor


Line Quantum Sensor

Measures photosynthetically active radiation integrated over a 1 meter length in μmol s-1 m-2
  • Under-canopy light measurements
  • Agricultural productivity studies

Light Resources

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    • Rui Li, Cun-jun Li, Ying-ying Dong, Feng Liu, Ji-hua Wang, Xiao-dong Yang, Yu-chun Pan (2011), Assimilation of Remote Sensing and Crop Model for LAI Estimation Based on Ensemble Kaiman Filter. Agricultural Sciences in China, Volume 10, Issue 10, October 2011, Pages 1595-1602.