Battery Backup

Table 5‑15. Configuration to log whether the backup battery is being used or not. A record of 1 = main power supply and 0 = backup battery.
  • Digital I/O Module: Set to 1 for the 9210B's digital module.
  • Channel: 6
  • Invert Input: Unchecked
  • Event: Unchecked
  • Filter value: 0
  • Time: An offset that specifies a delay between when the variable is measured and when it is logged.
  • Interval: This sets the time between logged values.
  • Name: Used by the gas analyzer software to identify the variable type and units. See Table 4‑1 to interpret the first number and Table 4‑2 to interpret the second.
  • Prefix: Ignore this field.
  • Suffix: Ignore this field.
  • Right Digits: The number of digits to the right of the decimal (hard stop) for this variable.
  • Name: Recorded in the header of the data file. Default variable names are similar to GHG-Europe standards (see VariableID).
  • Record ID: Tells the datalogger to associate this variable with the Record ID in the LogRec block (see Custom Configurations). It should be the same in both places.
  • Sequence #: The column number in the sequence of variables.
  • Right Digits: Number of digits right of the decimal.
  • Format: The data that is output when logged data is viewed. Typically <val>.
  • Units: The units entered will override previous entries.