Overview of the communication system

Communication modules enable remote wireless communication with LI-COR eddy covariance systems, soil gas flux systems, and other systems that support Ethernet communication. The satellite communication system (7900-720) provides access to most sites located in most parts of the world, with the exception of the poles and areas that are blocked from geostationary satellites.

In these instructions, the term terminal is used to refer to the Hughes 9502 satellite modem that connects your system to the internet.

Figure 1‑1. The 7900‑720 communication system transfers data from a site to computer networks through a geostationary satellite.

What's what

If you have just taken delivery of the communication system, check the packing list to verify that you received everything that was ordered. The system includes an enclosure, satellite terminal, high-gain antenna, power cables, data cables, and hardware to support an LI-7500x or LI-7200x. The communication system is compatible with the LI-8100A Soil Gas Flux System.

Satellite terminal

Part number: 616-13655

Hughes 9502 satellite terminal. Includes antenna, terminal mounting strap, 10 m cable, cable adapter, and azimuth/elevation bracket.

Antenna mounting post

Part number: 9879-064

1.5 m (59 inch) anodized aluminum post with angled tip. To mount the antenna.

Power cable

Part number: 392-14582

5-meter power cable with bare leads.


Part number: 9979-025

An all-weather electronics enclosure to protect the instrumentation from the elements.

PVC strain relief fittings

Part number: 6579-054

Two PVC junction caps and locknuts (part number 259-13741) are included to provide strain relief for the antenna, power, and communication cables. They also help prevent water from splashing into the enclosure openings.

Metal wool

Three pieces of stainless steel or bronze wool are included. Insert these into the strain relief-cable openings to help prevent water from splashing into the enclosure and to keep insects and small animals out of the enclosure.

26 cm enclosure mounting kit

Part number: 9979-022

See Mounting the communication enclosure for a parts breakdown.

Shielded Ethernet cable

Part number: 392-13977

5 m (16.4 ft) network cable with straight RJ45 to 8-pin Turck® terminal.

Table 1‑1. Communication system parts shipped from LI-COR.
Description Qty. Part Number
26 cm Enclosure w/ Internal Mounting Plate 1 9979-025
M3 - 0.5x8 mm Stainless Steel Pan Screws 4 150-13642
Enclosure Mounting Kit 1 9979-022
1" PVC Strain Relief Fitting 2 6579-054
1" Strain Relief Fitting Locknut 2 259-13741
3.9 in (99 mm) Cable Ties 10 218-08499
11.4 in (290 mm) Cable Ties 10 218-11027
Coaxial Antenna Cable (4.6 m; 15 ft) 1 380-13839
8-pin Male to RJ45 Ethernet Cable (5 m; 16.4 ft) 1 392-13977
Standard Ethernet Cable (2.1 m; 7 ft) 1 616-06116

Some parts are shipped directly from Galaxy 1 Communications (Table 1‑2).

Table 1‑2. Satellite communication system parts shipped from Galaxy 1 Communications.
Description Quantity
Satellite Terminal  
Hughes 9502 1
High-Gain Antenna 1
Antenna Cable (10 meter; 32.8 ft) 1
Antenna Cable Coaxial Adapter 1
Antenna Mounting Hardware  

Hughes 9502 components

The Hughes 9502 includes a product information label on the bottom of the unit and important safety information on the top.

For additional information on the Hughes 9502 see http://www.hughes.com/technologies/mobilesat-systems/mobile-satellite-terminals/hughes-9502-bgan-m2m for these documents:

  • Hughes 9502 Fixed Satellite Terminal User Guide
  • Hughes 9502 Quick Setup Guide

Product labels

The satellite terminal includes a caution label that warns that the unit may become hot.

Cable connections and indicators

The cable connections are labeled below:

The indicator LEDs show the power, GPS, and signal status:

Status indicators

  • Pointing Mode: All three LEDs flashing at 1 Hz.
  • Registering: Power LED on, GPS LED on or flashing, Network LED off.
  • Registered: Power LED on, GPS or, Network LED flashing.
  • Connected: All three on; all three off after 1 minute time out.