Data files

Getting data from the LI-600 onto your computer for use in a spreadsheet application is done is two steps: download the data from the instrument to the software, then export it from the software as a text file.

Downloading data from the LI-600

To download data from the LI-600 to the computer software, launch the LI-600 software and connect the instrument. Select Data Management.

Under Data on LI-600, select Download Instrument Data then Download on the prompt.

All data on the LI-600 will be downloaded to the computer software.

Clear on the confirmation prompt to clear all data off the instrument or Cancel. Clearing removes all data from the LI-600, not from the computer software.

It is a good practice to clear the data from the instrument after it is downloaded to the software. Otherwise, new measurement data are appended to existing data, which are then downloaded again.

Exporting data files from the computer software

To export data files from the computer software to your computer file system, select files to download under Local Files. If have an LI-600 with a fluorometer, check Export Flash Files to save the fluorometer files with the data file. For information about software that can help with flash file analysis, see FlashAnalysis App.

Select Exported Files Delimiter for tab or comma separated values files. Tab-delimited files are useful for users in locations where the comma is used as a decimal separator.

Select Toggle Selected Metadata to view a data file’s metadata. Metadata is also recorded in the exported data file for each measurement.
Select Export Selected Files to save the selected data files to the computer’s local file system.
Select Delete to delete the data from the software after exporting it. This will not delete the exported files.

All data files are saved as .zip files that contain text files in .csv or .txt format.