Support Software

Download and Install

A collection of LI-6400 Apps for OS X, Windows, and Linux is available on the CD that ships with the instrument, or for download.


The installer is an executable that will install three apps, and put their icons on your desktop.

Mac OS X

The installer is a .dmg. Once mounted, simply drag the LI-6400Apps to the Applications folder shortcut. Once you have done that, you can eject the disk, and use the Finder to navigate to /Applications/LI-6400Apps, and double click the app you wish to run.


The source code for the apps is in a .tar.gz file, which contains a .spec file for installing and building.


This program allows remote control of any LI-6400 through RS-232, Ethernet, or over the Internet via the server. You can also use LI6400XTerm for file exchange between the instrument and your computer. See Using LI6400XTerm.

Figure 11‑1. The Windows version of LI6400XTerm.


This program allows control of multiple LI-6400s. See Using Using LI6400Group.

Figure 11‑2. The LI6400Sim program, Linux version.


This program simulates an LI-6400, and is useful for seeing how things work (testing AutoPrograms, for example) when there is no instrument at hand to use (Figure 11‑3). The simulator supports previous versions of OPEN as well. In the preferences dialog, you can select versions all the way back to 3.4.3.

Figure 11‑3. The LI6400Sim program, Linux version.