Removing the aquatic chamber and fluorometer assembly

The aquatic chamber and fluorometer can be removed from the head as a unit. It may need to be removed to perform service or if you are swapping chambers. Separating the fluorometer and aquatic chamber is the opposite of assembly, described in Installing the chamber.

Four screws will be removed to detach the aquatic chamber and fluorometer assembly from the head — two on the connector cover and two that hold the chamber to the head.

Caution: Power off the instrument before following these procedures.

  1. Disconnect the DB-25 connector, head cable connector, fluorometer cable connector, and the tube from the console Pull the fluorometer cable from the clasp on the head.
  2. Remove the two cover screws and the connector cover from the bottom of the head.
  3. Unplug the cables from the cable bulkhead (i.e., LI-190R, sample temperature thermocouple, and air temperature thermocouple).
  4. While supporting the chamber with your hand, loosen both of the captive chamber screws until they are free of the head using the #2 Phillips screwdriver (PH2) from the spares kit. Similar screwdrivers are available from most department stores.
  5. When they wiggle freely in the opening, the chamber is free of the head.
  6. Separate the chamber from the head.

Warning: Do not attempt to operate the mixing fan without a chamber in place.

While the chamber is removed from the head, inspect the Air Filters and Dust Trap. Clear any dust or debris before attaching a chamber.

While the chamber is removed, you can see the mixing fan, dust trap, gasket, O-rings, and air filters.