Custom chamber adapter

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The Custom Chamber Interface (6800-19) is used to attach a custom-made chamber to the LI-6800 gas exchange system. The interface has a power supply connector for one powered peripheral, such as a mixing fan.

Installing the chamber adapter

See Removing a chamber to detach a currently-installed chamber.

  1. Install the chamber adapter.
  2. Tighten the screws snugly—until they are tight and then just a little bit more. Reinstall the connector cover.

Connecting the auxiliary power cable

If you are using the auxiliary power cable, remove the connector cover from the custom chamber interface.

Set the screws and cover aside, where they won't get lost. The power supply cable simply plugs in. Connect the leads to your mixing fan (or whatever it is powering). The red lead is positive (+) and the black is ground (-).

The auxiliary power is turned on or off in the LI-6800 interface under Start Up > Peripheral Setup > Head Light Source > AuxPower. Power can be 0 to 19 VDC.

Connecting to a custom chamber

A custom chamber can connect directly to the custom chamber interface by one of two methods: direct mount or tubing.

Flush mount

The LI-6800 sensor head can be in any orientation when directly mounted to a chamber. The chamber interface mounts directly to a flat surface. After machining the ports and mounting holes in the custom chamber, connect it to the LI-6800 head using 6 panhead screws (part number 150-14476). Be sure that each port on the chamber adapter has an O-ring. Use the Custom chamber template as a guide to create the interface on your chamber.

Tubing mount

Tubing can be used to connect to the chamber when the direct mount is not suitable. With tubing, you need two ports on the custom chamber—air in and air out—to be fit with Swagelok fittings. The remaining three ports should be sealed with stainless steel caps.

You can use the ¼" Swagelok fittings with the included Bev-a-line tubing, or the 3/8" Swagelok fittings with user-supplied tubing. In either case, you'll need to connect the tubing to the chamber. We recommend hose barbs or Swagelok fittings. The Elbow connections from the spares kit are compatible with the ¼" tubing, however, we recommend using vinyl ferrule sets on the Bev-a-line tubing, rather than steel or brass.

Flow and mixing indicators

The adapter is marked to indicate the function of each port. The meaning of each marking is indicated below.

Custom chamber template

The following diagrams can be used as templates to determine drilling locations on a custom chamber.

Figure 9‑70. Custom chamber interface dimensions. Inches are given first, followed by millimeters in brackets.
Figure 9‑71. 1:1 template showing drilling locations for the custom chamber.
Figure 9‑72. When constructing a custom chamber, it may be advantageous to align the bottom of the chamber with the bottom of the sensor head, so that both will sit evenly on a flat surface.