The mixing fan speed is controlled under Environment > Fan.

  • For leaf measurements, it can be set to a speed (rpm), power (%), or boundary layer conductance (mol m‑2 s‑1) setpoint. See Maintain constant boundary layer conductance for more details.
  • For aquatic measurements, it should be set to 14,000 rpm.
  The Mixing Fan option turns the mixing fan On or Off.
For both leaf and aquatic chambers; Fan Speed is to control the mixing fan on a target RPM.
 For both leaf and aquatic chambers, Fan Power to control the mixing fan on a power %.
For leaf chambers, BLC is to control the mixing fan speed on a target Boundary Layer Conductance. This is not shown in any configuration in which the BLC is not computed.
For the early-model leaf chambers (6800-01, 6800-12) a leak correction factor may be applied at low flow rates and low fan speeds. This is only shown when a leak correction factor is needed.

When controlling the fan speed manually, tap the field and enter a value or tap the slider.

  1. Set the Mixing Fan to On, then select Fan Speed.
  2. Enter 0 rpm in the text box labeled Speed. Observe the fan speed as it drops to 0.
  3. Tap the scale at 8000 rpm or enter 8000 rpm in the box.
  4. The fan will spin up to about 8000 rpm.
  5. Try a few other settings.