The LI-7700 finder application

The LI-7700 Finder provides access to internal LI-7700 settings, many of which are duplicated in the normal software interface. It also is used to set the LI-7550 clock. To launch the application click the help question mark > About > Factory Setup… > Proceed. Upon launching the application, you will see a list of all LI-7700s and LI-7550s on your local network.

To use the LI-7700 Finder Application, connect to the LI-7700 (and LI-7550 if applicable) using the Ethernet connection. The finder application will not see devices that are connected using the RS-232 serial connection.

Caution: The LI-7700 Finder Application provides access to advanced settings. Changing some of these settings may undesirably alter the performance of your LI-7700. Use caution when altering these settings, and consult with LI-COR technical support personnel if you have questions.

When you select an LI-7700, you can select Watch LI-7700, or when you select an LI-7550 you can choose Config LI-7550.

Selecting Watch LI-7700 opens a variables window:

This displays numerous parameters used by the LI-7700. Along the bottom of the window are nine buttons, which are described below:

Click the Wave button:

The window above shows the waveform. It is identical to the waveform displayed in the Diagnostic Page 1 tab on the Main View.

Click the DC button:

This window shows the un-inverted measurement of the sample and reference.

Click the Wide Scan button:


This window can be used to gather diagnostic information. After performing a wide scan you either must select Rollback in the Factory Settings dialog or restart the instrument to restore normal operation.

Click the Laser Temp… button:

The laser temperature control dialog is similar to the Laser Temperature control described above in the Manual Line Lock example (see Manual Line Lock example).

Click the Cal… button:

This advanced calibration tab provides access to many of the same calibration functions available in the Main View.

Click the Factory… button:

The window above is used to perform diagnostic checks. Do not change any settings in this window unless in consultation with LI-COR Environmental technical support.

Click the Heaters… button:

Provides access to mirror heater controls.

Click the Clock… button:

Here you can set the LI-7700 clock.

Click the Network… button:

This window allows you to change the instrument name and network settings.