Connecting over a local area network

In this configuration, your computer will be connected to a local network. You'll connect the LI-8100A to a network terminal and configure the instrument using a computer on that network.

  1. Check the cable connections—be sure the network card is installed and connected to the internal Ethernet cable under the LI-8100A access panel.
  2. Connect to the instrument using a serial or USB connection.
  3. See First Things First for details.
  4. Set the LI-8100A IP address.
  5. Ask someone in your IT department to provide you with a static IP address for your network. In the LI-8100A PC software, click 8100 > Networking and enter the following information:
    • IP Address: The one provided by your IT department.
    • Netmask:
  6. The other settings can be left at the default values.
  7. Restart the instrument after setting the IP address.
  8. Launch the LI-8100A PC software again.
  9. After the LI-8100A has powered up and the Ready light is on, click the Connect button in the software.
  10. Select TCP/IP and enter the IP address that your IT department provided.
  11. Click Connect.