Connecting with the TP-Link Wireless Router

A wireless router provides a simple way to connect to the LI-8100A wirelessly — using the LI-8100APP for iOS and Android OS devices, or the Windows PC software on a computer. Many different brands of battery-powered routers are suitable. We provide the TP-LINK T-MR3040 (LI-COR part number 590-16299) with new LI-8100A instruments. Other brands of wireless router are compatible as well.

The router does not need an internet connection. It creates a wireless network (also known as a wireless hotspot) that enables communication between the device and the LI-8100A.

NOTE: Read all instruction guides and quick start guides for the wireless router. TP‑LINK TL‑MR3040:

  1. Install the charged battery in the router and power it on. Verify that the power LED is green or orange and not blinking.
  2. Position the mode switch on the side of the TP‑LINK to the position labeled WISP or 3G/4G.
  3. Connect your computer to the router's network (be sure you computer has a dynamic IP address; called Obtain an IP address automatically in Windows®):
    • Either connect an RJ-45 Ethernet cable between the router and your computer,
    • Or, connect to the wireless network. The network name (called SSID) and wireless password are printed under the battery cover of the TP-LINK.
  4. Open a web browser and type in the address bar, then press Enter.
  5. Log in. The default credentials are:
    • Username: Admin
    • Password: Admin
  6. Click DHCP on the left of the setup page. Note the IP Address range of the DHCP server and the Default Gateway. Typically they are:
    • Start IP Address:
    • End IP Address:
    • Default Gateway:
  7. If it is installed, remove the Cisco Systems wireless card that is under the LI-8100A access panel.
  8. Connect to the LI-8100A using the serial or USB connection, as described in First Things First.
  9. In the LI-8100A software, under 8100 > Networking... configure the wireless settings.
  10. Set the LI-8100A IP address so it is identical to the TP-LINK IP address for the first three sets of numbers (as in, 192.168.0) and outside the start and end range for the last set. So, is a suitable IP address for the LI-8100A.
    • IP Address:
    • Netmask: (this must be the same on the router and the LI-8100A)
    • Gateway: (this must be the same on the router and the LI-8100A)
    • Connection Type: Access Point (infrastructure)
  11. Leave encryption unchecked. Click Set to apply the settings.
  12. Restart the LI-8100A.
  13. Connect the router to the Ethernet port on the CompactFlash adapter under the access panel.
  14. Connect your iOS or Android device to the network created by the TP-LINK.
  15. The network name (called SSID) and wireless password are printed under the battery cover of the TP-LINK.
  16. Launch the LI-8100APP and tap Connect to Instrument.
  17. Tap New, type in the LI-8100A's IP address (, and save it.
  18. Select the IP address and tap Connect.

Once the connection is established, you may proceed with your measurements. Other compatible wireless routers are configured similarly.