Tovi System Requirements


Computer system requirements for running Tovi Software.

Sample Data Set


A 12-month EddyPro output that includes fluxes, biomet data, and metadata, as well as the project metadata and project file. Download this data set if you want to practice using Tovi.

Factory Service and Recalibration

Factory calibration is an integral step in the manufacture and repair of all LI-COR measuring instruments.

Why Factory Recalibration?

To request factory service or recalibration for a LI-COR instrument, request factory service or contact your local distributor. Service will be performed at our US office in Lincoln, NE USA, European office (LI-COR GmbH), or by your local distributor.

Training Courses

Instrument training is offered throughout the year at various locations around the world. Training courses provide information on instrument operation, theory, data processing, maintenance, and related topics. Courses are designed for users who have little or no experience with the instruments, but may also be useful as a refresher for users with more experience.

View dates and register at Eddy Covariance Training.