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Results On Site with the
SmartFlux® System

SmartFlux is the on-site processing and GPS synchronization component of LI-COR eddy covariance systems. At the heart of SmartFlux is EddyPro Software. Running on a microcomputer inside the SmartFlux module, EddyPro provides fully processed flux results in real time using raw data from a LI-COR gas analyzer and a sonic anemometer.

The SmartFlux System is included with the purchase of an LI-7500DS or LI-7200RS gas analyzer. It also is available as an upgrade for existing eddy covariance flux systems.

Why SmartFlux?

  • Fully processed eddy covariance fluxes—sensible heat, latent heat, evapotranspiration, CO2, H2O, and CH4—along with raw data, biomet data, metadata, and diagnostics.
  • Advanced site-specific raw data processing, including in situ spectral corrections, customizable planar fit approaches, and more.
  • Precision clock synchronization within sites and across sites using GPS/PTP time alignment of high-speed data, including the sonic anemometer and gas analyzer measurements, and low-speed data, such as biomet data.
  • SmartFlux can be mounted at the base of the eddy covariance station, making it easy to access logged data and flux results from the removable USB drive.
  • Automatic transfer of raw and processed data files to FluxSuite, a network server, or a private repository, such as Dropbox.
  • Ability to collect, integrate, and synchronize data from LI-8100/LI-8100A automated soil flux systems with your eddy covariance fluxes in a single file.
  • Collect and send images from your PhenoCam to FluxSuite, the PhenoCam network, or your own server for downstream image analysis.
  • Georeferenced measurements and flux footprint make results easy to use in geographical applications, such as remote sensing and modeling.
  • Digital sonic anemometer data integration (with SmartFlux2/3).

SmartFlux incorporates Biomet data collected on a variety of data loggers, including the LI-COR biomet systems, giving you the flexibility to build the eddy covariance system that meets your needs.

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