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Greenhouses and Growth Chambers

Proper Light Management Starts with Accurate Measurement

Light management is a critical factor in commercial greenhouse and growth chamber efficiency.

Choose the LI-250Q Portable Greenhouse and Growth Chamber Light Measurement System for unrivaled accuracy in a simple, versatile light monitoring package. The LI-250Q package includes the LI-190R Quantum Sensor, LI-250A Light Meter, and 2003S Mounting and Leveling Fixture.

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LI-COR Greenhouse Light Measurement

Measure the Light
That Matters…

Plant growth and reproduction is driven by photosynthetically-active radiation (PAR), which occurs at wavelengths between 400 and 700 nm. Not all sources of light deliver equal light intensity across this range, and proper understanding of the PAR profile of your greenhouse or growth chamber is the key to controlling critical parameters of plant growth and reproduction:

  • Photosynthesis and photoperiods
  • Water and nutrient efficiency
  • Flowering conditions
  • Plant stress

Different plants have unique PAR requirements based on growth stage and type, and a sensor that over- or under-estimates PAR could result in the application of too little or too much light intensity. The LI-190R Quantum Sensor, included in the LI-250Q package, provides uniform sensitivity across the PAR waveband, delivering the most accurate PAR profiling of any sensor on the market.

LI-190R Quantum Sensor
figure showing LI-190R response and ideal quantum response
The figure above shows the LI‑190R response and the ideal quantum response in photon units.

…No Matter the Source

Optimizing light for efficient greenhouse or growth chamber production means knowing when and how to use artificial lighting to supplement sunlight.

The LI-190R Quantum Sensor measures PAR with the same precision in sun, artificial lighting, or a mixture of the two. Compatible artificial sources include incandescent and high-pressure sodium lamps, high-intensity fluorescent lights, and the rapidly emerging range of LED light systems.

Most importantly, the LI-190R measures PAR down to the nanometer in a mixture of light sources without recalibration or changing multipliers. No other sensor on the market provides a comparable level of precision or adaptability to varying ratios of natural and artificial light.

Grow Confidently

The LI-190R Quantum Sensor is built upon 40+ years of LI-COR light measurement experience with sensors optimized for unprecedentedly accurate PAR measurement. LI-COR instruments have been featured in thousands of peer-reviewed publications, and we have built our brand around scientific partnership.

We’re excited to extend this partnership to commercial greenhouse and growth chamber operations.

Grow with us! Get the LI-250Q Portable Greenhouse and Growth Chamber Light Measurement System today.

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We Know Plants

The LI-COR Science and Support team consists of knowledgeable individuals with diverse backgrounds in plant physiology, horticulture, and related fields. Experienced applications scientists are readily available to support you in your use of LI-COR instruments.

Other LI-COR Instruments for Greenhouse and Growth Chamber Research and Commercial Production


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LI-190R in greenhouse LI-850 in greenhouse LI-3000C in greenhouse LI-6800 in greenhouse
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