LI-3100C Area Meter

Precise, Rapid Measurements of Large or Small Leaves

The LI-3100C Area Meter is designed for efficient, exacting measurements of both large and small objects. User-selectable area resolution of either 1 mm2 or 0.1 mm2 is available without having to change optics. This versatility provides the flexibility necessary for diverse project requirements.


  • Area, Length, Maximum Width, Average Width
  • A single lens provides adjustable resolution of 0.1 or 1mm2
  • High accuracy and repeatability, and fast, continuous operation for large quantities of samples with individual or cumulative area recorded
  • Large (25 cm wide, 2.5 cm thick with 1 mm2 resolution) or small (<1 cm2 area when using 0.1 mm2 resolution) leaves or other objects, including needles
  • Quiet belt system with adjustable press roller to flatten curled leaves
  • Data is shown on the instrument LED display or on the computer screen using Windows® software to collect and store data via RS-232 or USB


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LI-3100C Resources:

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