LI-6400XT Portable Photosynthesis System

The LI-6400XT is the instrument behind a rich legacy of research.


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For cutting edge photosynthesis measurements, check out the all-new LI‑6800. The LI‑6800 combines the latest technology and scientific advancements to provide the leading instrument for gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence measurements.

Learn more about the LI-6800 LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System
LI-6400XT analyzers in the sensor head LI-6400XT accurate and precise LI-6400XT portable
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    Rapid Response: Gas analyzers are located in the sensor head, minimizing time delays.

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    Precise and Accurate: Measure small photosynthesis rates and CO2 exchange.

  • portable-thumb

    Portable: Laboratory-quality measurements in a field-portable system.

red light source open 6.2 software networking
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    A variety of applications are supported by many chambers and light sources.

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    Open-source software provides an unprecedented level of automation and flexibility.

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    Powerful networking capabilities provide a variety of data output, file sharing, remote diagnostics and training possibilities.

LI-6400XT-complete LI-6400XT-quality penguin
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    Complete solution: Measures fluorescence and gas exchange simultaneously over the same leaf area with full control of environmental variables.

  • quality-thumb Reliable: LI-COR's commitment to continuous innovation and quality products (ISO 9001:2001 certified) ensures your LI-6400XT remains a smart choice for years to come.

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    Rugged: Can be used in environments ranging from the moist tropics to the dry arctic.

LI-6400XT Terminal iPhone/iPad app

LI-6400XT Terminal
App for iPhone & iPad

iPhone/iPod Touch

Photosynthesis Webinars

Educational webinars including details of photosynthesis measurements and custom techniques.


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  • Featured Publications:
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    • Laisk A, Loreto F. 1996. Determining photosynthetic parameters from leaf CO2 exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence. Ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase/oxygenase specificity factor, dark respiration in the light, excitation distribution between photosystems, alternative electron transport rate and mesophyll diffusion resistance. Plant Physiology 110, 903-912.
    • Sharkey TD, Bernacchi CJ, Farquhar GD, Singaas EL. 2007. Fitting photosynthetic carbon dioxide response curves for C3 leaves. Plant, Cell and Environment 30, 1035-1040.
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