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LI-6800 Portable Photosynthesis System

The only instrument in the world that uses Rapid Sensing™ Technology for fast A-Ci curves and survey measurements.

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6800-01 Multiphase Flash Fluorometer

Fast response creates new research possibilities

Fast control loops

When you change the leaf chamber environment—light, temperature, CO2, or H2O—the instrument adjusts to the new setpoint right away thanks to Rapid Sensing™ Technology. The fast adjustment saves time and enables you to measure a plant’s response to rapidly changing conditions.

H2O control

Providing full control over water vapor, the LI-6800 can maintain humidity at any level below condensing conditions in the leaf chamber and gas analyzers.

Rapid temperature control

Capable of achieving 10 °C below and above ambient temperature, the LI-6800 provides fast and precise temperature control. It can control temperature at a setpoint, track the ambient temperature, or ramp the temperature up or down according to your experimental requirements.

High flow rates

User-adjustable flow rates—from 0 to 2.5 liters per minute—minimize response times and expand the system versatility.

precise contgrol allows for faster measurements

The precise control of CO2 allows for faster measurements, so you can perform rapid A-Ci response curves with the Rapid A-Ci Response (RACiR™) Method (Pat. Pend.).

Gas input port

A gas input port enables you to subject the leaf to custom gas blends.

actual leaf temperature

A unique, durable fine-wire thermocouple maintains direct contact with the leaf—to get the actual leaf temperature with every measurement.

Leaf area

To fill the chamber area—and easily calculate leaf area—swap in one of several interchangeable inserts for different leaf area apertures on the Clear-top chamber and on the Multiphase Flash fluorometer.

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If you do not receive it within 24 hours or if you have any questions, please contact LI-COR at 1-402-467-3576.

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The latest advancements
in photosynthesis

The LI-6800 is quickly becoming the new standard for photosynthesis measurements around the world. The list of publications is growing rapidly as the community adopts the innovative technology to advance their understanding of plant physiology.

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The LI-6800 includes easy-to-learn software that makes it easier to understand the complexities of photosynthesis measurements. This leads to better data that you can be confident in. Software upgrades are free – stay current for the latest innovations.

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See how the LI-6800 uses good mixing in the sample volume, high flow rates, and proximity of gas analyzers to the sample volume to make an optimized photosynthetic assimilation measurement. This document describes why the instrument is designed this way and it gives data to show how the system performs when compared to one with a smaller volume and lower flow rate.

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6800-01 Multiphase Flash Fluorometer

The LI-6800 gives you a new experience

The LI-6800 can complete a survey measurement in under a minute, with batteries that last all day. A large touchscreen display shows informative, full color plots that help you track the progress of each measurement. On-screen messages alert you to issues so you can collect consistent, high quality data.

The LI-6800 is fast and dependable. It is ready to collect incredible data wherever your research takes you.

last years winner

Studying Invasive Species with the LI-6800

"The LI-6400 is a great machine, but all the little tweaks you made to the LI-6800 improved the usability of it. The speed is great."

– Randy Long, University of California Santa Barbara

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