Factory Calibration

LI-200R and LI-200 Pyranometer recalibration is recommended every 2 years after field deployment. Recalibration can be performed between March 20 and September 15.

What's included with factory recalibration?

Calibrations of quantum and photometric sensors at LI-COR are obtained using standard light sources that are traceable to NIST. Sensor spectral response conformity is measured using a computer-controlled spectrophotometer and reference silicon photodiodes.

  • Sensors are cleaned prior to the calibration, inspected for diffuser and/or cable aberrations, and repaired as needed. Customer is notified if additional fees are required for repairs.
  • The sensor’s relative spectral response is measured to check its conformity to the ideal response. The sensor’s actual response is then run through the spectral error routine which calculates the theoretical reading errors that would occur with a variety of light sources to check for acceptable limits.

Note: For sensors that are paired with an SMV adapter, be sure to send both the sensor head and the paired SMV adapter. The SMV adapter will be adjusted to standardize the output of the sensor.

Factory Service and Recalibration

To request factory service or recalibration for an instrument:

Service will be performed at our US office in Lincoln, NE USA, European office (LI-COR GmbH), or by your local distributor.