Application Notes, Tech Tips, and Other Documents

Important LI-3100C Pre-Operation Instructions Revision to LI-3100C Instruction Manual, issued April, 2010, entitled "Important LI-3100C Pre-Operation Instructions" manual

LI-3100C Area Meter Instruction Manual

Instruction manual for the LI-3100C area meter.

New perforated calibration plate instructions Instructions for using the new perforated calibration plate with the LI-3100C Area Meter. manual
Area Meter Connectivity: Using USB Connections with Windows 7. This technical tip describes how to configure your Windows 7 operating system to connect to the LI-3000C and LI-3100C Leaf Area Meters via the USB port. tech tip
Continuous Area Accumulation with the LI-3100C Leaf Area Meter Technical tip that describes how to troubleshoot the situation whereby area accumulates continuously on the LI-3100C Leaf Area Meter. tech tip
LI-3100 Area Meter Lamp: Evaluation, failure to light, replacement, and calibration Technical note describing how to prepare the fluorescent lamp in the LI-3100 series Area Meters. tech tip